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City of Thornton
Candidate Manager

This portal allows individuals to electronically view and file Candidate Committee and Non-Candidate Committee (Political, Independent Expenditure, etc.) Reports for the 2019 City election.

To begin filing a candidate report, log into this site and visit My Candidate Information. Only current 2019 candidates have been set-up with an account and will receive an email explaining how to set up their account to file Reports. If you need assistance please contact the City Clerk’s office at 303-538-7223.

Once your Report has been filed you should receive an email confirmation that your Report has been received.

To file a non-candidate report, login and go to Add a Non-Candidate Report.

Use of this portal is optional. Those filing Reports may still file hard copies with the City Clerk’s office. Those Reports will be uploaded to the portal no later than 10:00 a.m. the day after they are filed or due, whichever is sooner, and will be shown under Candidate Attachments.

More information regarding campaign finance can be found in the 2019 ​Candidate Guidelines.

Individuals who only wish to view reports that have been filed do not need to create an account. To view reports go to the List of Candidates, or visit the List of Non-Candidate Reports.

To view prior campaign Reports please go to 2017 Candidate Reports and 2018 Annual Candidate Reports.


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